We have a few track changes to announce for 2015. Our first change is engine exhaust. For safety purposes any exhaust pipes in any class
must not point straight out. Up, at no less than a 70 degree angle or down at no less than a 30 degree angle. We as a sport must take means
to protect our spectators and crews.     

New this year we will be a
Class 8 Deep Mud. See deep mud rules for details.

New for this year we will be running fast track and deep mud on Saturday and Sunday,
ALL DAY! Hill n Hole only a few hrs. per day.
Competition events on Saturday will be with 100% payouts, trophies and points. Sunday events will be for 100% payout and points,

Barnyard deep mud and fast track points will be accumulated for a banquet at the end of the year.

You will be able to qualify for the
Bogfather 2015 during any Saturday or Sunday Barnyard event. Anyone wanting to participate to qualify
will be charged an extra $5 per registration of which all monies will go into a kitty for year end Champions. (Other tracks may or may not
charge the extra fee to participate in the year end bonus money.) This is for
Deep Mud participants only again this year. We still have got to
get the bugs worked out before we expand this event.
Bogfather 2015 Championship event will be at this track on October 11, 2015.  (Barnyard rules apply at this event.) Other
participating tracks to qualify for the Bogfather are
4x4 Proving Grounds, Oxford Deep Mud, Toyfarm, Mountain Mud Run. As of
this writing I do believe other tracks will also join us to make this a successful event.

Ricky B. will be returning June 6th & 7th for another Throttle King Qualifier. See our event schedule for complete details. Race truck and
Mega truck points are up for grabs. Qualifiers get invitational rights to the Throttle King Championship in December.

Matt Steele, Chucky D. and the TGW film crew have put us on the schedule for August 7,8,9. Numerous events are scheduled for this
weekend with
SKOSH returning for both Friday and Saturday night. Events kick off Friday afternoon. I'm thinking we may fill the field this

Reminder that all minors under 18
without a parent must have a notarized release form and be accompanied with that person to get in the

Complete information is available for every event under our 2015 schedule page or send a note to Mama Barnyard on Facebook.
Please note: Phone calls and computer time is very limited on the week leading up to an event and last minute questions may go
Please, if you have questions or concerns get them in early so we have time to communicate.  

After much discussion we have decided not to change our deep mud rules for this season. Our tire sizes have been what they are for a very
long time and we feel a change may be unpopular at this facility. This will go both ways as some are for it and others are not. Our dedicated
racers must have input before such a rule change is made. We respect what other tracks are doing but we feel as though this may be
detrimental to this track at this time.
We do feel as though a single set of rules for all tracks is a good thing for the sport but at the same time we must acknowledge our racers
who have supported Barnyard All Terrain for a very long time. Our plan is to hear what you have to say on this for this year and work
further with other tracks to accomplish a similar set of deep mud rules in the future.

From all of us at Barnyard All Terrain we "thank you" and let's have fun and get muddy!!